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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ritter's 8 Vetoes

House Bill 1072, a union-backed bill that would have eliminated one of two votes needed to negotiate for all-union shops. Ritter cited overheated politics.

HB 1122 would have set licensing requirements for physical-education teachers in districts with more than 1,500 students. Ritter criticized it for not exempting small schools in large districts.

HB 1107 would have allowed people to seal their criminal records. Ritter said he was siding with the public's right to know.

HB 1313 would have loosened requirements for getting a driver's license. The bill would have let an applicant present a U.S. passport or driver's license from another state as proof of legal status. Ritter said it was the job of the Motor Vehicle Department, not lawmakers, to fix the system.

HB 1216 would have enhanced funding for Medicaid providers. Ritter said he could not endorse mandating the state to reimburse medical-assistance sites.

HB 1356 was intended to harmonize state law regarding the disclosure requirements for lobbyists with Amendment 41. Ritter said his veto ensures public officials and lobbyists disclose gifts while Amendment 41 - which has been suspended by a judge - works its way through the courts.

Senate Bill 84 would have regulated interior designers. Ritter said the measure had no public- safety element.

SB 24 would have regulated athletic trainers. Ritter said further regulation would only raise costs.

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