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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Signature Gatherers May Have Records

Just another attempt to wipe out one more felon friendly opportunity for folks. Why don't people understand that public safety is far more compromised when people who are returning from prison are unable to get jobs. These are people who have successfully completed their sentences and are trying to get on with their lives. I am surprised that 9 news would be this irresponsible and go for a story where one doesn't exist. Especially when nothing has happened and this has been an opportunity for people make a living.

KUSA ? Some people gathering signatures for ballot initiatives who approach Coloradans have criminal records, according to court record searches conducted by 9Wants to Know.

9NEWS found signature gatherers convicted of sexual assault on a child, theft, harassment, trespassing and drug possession. Most signature gatherers are hired by private companies and paid for each signature they receive.

The gatherers we watched were asking for signatures for more than one ballot initiative.

People who sign petitions are required to give their name, signature and their home address.

"It's a little frightening," said House Majority Leader Alice Madden (D-Boulder).

Madden authored a bill, that passed the House and Senate but was vetoed by Gov. Bill Ritter, which would have prohibited convicted felons from being paid signature gatherers.

Ritter (D-Colorado) says he vetoed the bill because it would have only affected paid petition circulators and not volunteer petition circulators. He felt that allowing paid and unpaid gatherers to operate by different sets of standards violated the U.S. Constitution and the Colorado Constitution. (Click here to read Ritter's full explanation.)

Madden says signature gatherers need some oversigh
9 News


Samuel said...

OH NO! Giving away information that is mostly likely in the nearest phone book. What were these people thinking!!! I just hope these people learned their lesson the next time that menacing tattoo laden Grease Monkey employee dares to attempt to enter their address and phone number into the company's computer...The horror!

I wake up everyday thinking that nothing could surpass the stupidity that I witnessed the day before. And every day, every single stinking day, I am horribly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Its people like Madden who scare me. Needs to be voted out of office at the very next election.djw

Anonymous said...

More than just Madden needs to be voted out of office in this state!!!! Sometimes it makes me want to research other states and get the h$%# out!!! Maybe it's the same everywhere. Wake up Colorado!!! They're just manipulating the constitution again, one less right for "the people". Pass another law becase we're all too stupid to run our own lives!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sincerely disappointed in 9News for running this story. My husband is currently on parole and while he has never had problem finding a job, all parolees have the right to put their mistakes behind them and get on with their lives. They've done their time!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is a illegal alien, terrorist child molester. Just scare everyone to fear everyone. Give me a break. What happened to adults being adults and talking to someone and reading a petition before they sign a petition. Is the intent to scare people off from signing said petitions?

Anonymous said...

What an uninformed idiot.

As for 9News, I will no longer be viewing.

Anonymous said...

9 News presented BOTH sides of the issue, and I was surprised that the DOC actually took the side of the Paroles, saying that they have few opportunties in the community for employment. Perhaps this was the governor taking a stab at this legislator, as he vetoed her bill?

Anonymous said...