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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Trial For Nathan?

The Denver Post
Rocky Mountain News

CASTLE ROCK — A Douglas County judge is listening this morning to lawyers arguing whether Nathan Ybanez should be granted a new trial.

In 1999, Ybanez was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his mother, Julie Ybanez. He was 16 years old at the time and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Ybanez's attorneys asked Douglas County Judge Nancy A. Hopf to grant him a new trial and vacate his sentence, arguing that his trial attorney, Craig Truman, did not adequately represent him.

The defense told the judge that Ybanez's father, Roger Ybanez, hired Truman and that it presented a conflict of interest.

Nathan Ybanez's new lawyer, Michael Gallagher, said that his client was physically

abused by his parents and that abuse was not explored as a motive during trial because Truman was hired by the father.

"He needed an adult to act as his guardian," Gallagher said. "The next thing he needed was a lawyer. He did not get either."

Truman also did not file an appeal on Nathan Ybanez's behalf even though his new defense team says he requested one.

Prosecutors say Nathan Ybanez told Truman there was no abuse and psychological testing showed he was a "psychopathic deviant."


Anonymous said...

I would believe a psycopath before i would a prosecutor. I always thought they taught morals and ethics and honesty beyond reproach
at law school. The tactics used by prosecutors in Denver make me want to vomit. When justice is passed over to convict people of things they didnt do and to bring false charges against people to get convictions, is deplorable.djw

Anonymous said...

These guys are in Douglas County but I think we can agree that the tactics used by DA's in Colorado are BS. Nathan deserves a new trial. It's about time that men should be able to use child-abuse as a defense just like women do. Women get way less time then men do for the same offense when they use that as a defense.

Anonymous said...

Mr Truman's reputation by far supercedes him. We to went to trail with him, keep in mind he is a trail attorney, no interest in negotiating for a lesser charge. At trial, no defense testimony, no defense witnesses's, no objections by the defense, no defense period! Why go to trial? Especially knowing the consequences! What a disservice. I would not recommend him to anyone.

Anonymous said...