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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christie Donner on Independence Institute - Podcast

Here's the direct mp3 link:

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Anonymous said...

I rate Christe's report as exellent and my focus is to get the legislature to revert the sentencing statute back to pre 1985 times, and to do away with mandatory sentencing. We the people dont care what the judges, DA's and all those working in criminal justice think? They arent the ones serving double sentence's and the double jeopardy aspect of mandatory parole. Good job Christie. djw

Anonymous said...

djw : They are also not the ones paying for it. For them it is job security and the big bucks. It is the inmate, the taxpayer, and the families who are paying, and paying, and paying. NOt only are we paying by virtue of the obvious cost of prisons and the high cost of phone calls and commissary items. It is also the destruction of lives that can never be rebuilt and the families who suffer as a result.

Marcia said...

Anonymous #2 ~ This begs the question: what type of personality and character deficiencies are in these occupations? They lack compassion, empathy, and in many cases, common sense. They are high on power, manipulative and lack any type of conscience when it comes to shattering families. The previous statements sound more like the 'criminals' the law imprisons.

I have met inmates who have more honor than those in the courtrooms, politics and law.