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Friday, January 22, 2010

Marijuana magazine has fruitful debut in Denver - The Denver Post

Marijuana magazine has fruitful debut in Denver - The Denver Post

The woman gracing Kush Colorado's centerfold is long-limbed and lovely, but the new magazine's real star is the marijuana plant she clutches to her breast.

Billed as the "premier cannabis lifestyle magazine," the slick glossy debuted in Colorado last month, one more sign of galloping growth in the state's medical-marijuana business.

The city of Denver has more than 300 medical-marijuana dispensaries, the highest number in the nation outside California.

The pace of growth in the industry prompted the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws to recently name Denver "America's cannabis capital." While Los Angeles has more than 1,000 dispensaries, Denver outstrips the City of Angels on a per-capita basis, with more storefronts selling pot than Starbucks shops peddling coffee.

Colorado debut

Kush Colorado was already on the free-magazine racks at local 7-Eleven stores, King Soopers and other retailers when the national organization bestowed the title.

In the first four days it was available, shoppers snapped up 20,000 copies from stands at retail stores and dispensaries around the metro area, Kush publisher Michael Lerner said. Racks are reloaded twice a week.

"It is flying off the shelves," Lerner said.

Articles in Kush Colorado's first issue include an interview with comic Tommy Chong — "It's a magical plant, man. We should see it as the gift that it is" — a guide to shopping while stoned and a description of lighting options for those who want to grow marijuana indoors.

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