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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Criminal records abound for owners of Colorado medical-marijuana centers - The Denver Post

Criminal records abound for owners of Colorado medical-marijuana centers - The Denver Post

More than half the owners of medical-marijuana centers in Colorado have criminal arrest or conviction records for crimes such as dealing drugs, sexual assault, burglary and weapons violations, according to statistics developed by the Drug Enforcement Administration and obtained by 9News.

The DEA says 18 percent of medical-marijuana-center owners have been convicted of felonies.

"This business seems to have an inappropriate number of people with criminal backgrounds involved as business owners," said Kevin Merrill, assistant special agent in charge for the Denver field division of the DEA. "I would be hard-pressed to find any other business group where their members have so many criminal violations, arrests and convictions."


Anonymous said...

It seems that a high percentage of people in Colorado have a record of some kind. Anyway if a person did there time and paid for there crime, (whatever it was) whats the problem. Does that make those few of you who havent been caught SUPERIOR?djw

Rizwan ali said...

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Givin said...

Dear Kevin Merill, anyone who reads The Corporate Crime Reporter would know that members of any other buisness group are rarely charged with any criminal violations, arrests or convictions whatsoever.

the key word here is CHARGED.


oh, and could you please reduce your usage of the words "pot" and "marijuana" a little? those are slave names.