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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot meals and genuine smiles warm day - The Denver Post

Hot meals and genuine smiles warm day - The Denver Post

White linen tablecloths and sparkling silverware were set out. Waitresses and chefs answered special requests not on the menu.

By all accounts, service was exemplary, but these were no ordinary guests and the staff were not smiling and being congenial in the expectation of a huge tip.

The 800-plus patrons streaming into the Rock Bottom Brewery on Thanksgiving afternoon to be cordially seated were people ordinarily seen begging outside the eatery's doors.

The staff had volunteered.

"It's first-class service," restaurant general manager Melanie Keller said. "Special love went into this meal."

Patrons ordered their choice of any drink on the menu — with the exception of alcohol. They were also

served ham, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and rolls.

For dessert, patrons got to choose among a brownie, pecan pie or pumpkin pie.

James Praiswater, who has fought a methamphetamine addiction for the past 25 years, was in a long line outside in the cold sipping hot coffee. He and John Ward, who was released three days ago from the Delta Correctional Center, are enrolled in a drug-rehabilitation program at Jesus Saves.

"The waitresses are really friendly. They're smiling all the time. It's like they're enjoying what they're doing," said Sherrie Merchant, who has been homeless on and off for 30 years.

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