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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doctor's staffer will change plea in pill mill case

The Denver Post
A worker for accused “pill mill” Dr. Kevin Clemmer is set to change her not-guilty plea to charges she was selling or distributing a controlled substance while working in the osteopathic clinic.
, also known as Tina Sheldon, appeared in federal court this morning and her attorney announced she would likely change her plea at the end of the week.   Two other defendants charged in the case, and are also set to change their not-guilty pleas in the coming weeks.
Attorneys for the defendants did not indicate whether the change means their clients are cooperating with federal prosecutors who are building a case against Clemmer who last operated a clinic in Wheat Ridge.
Clemmer is accused of writing prescriptions for the powerful painkiller outside the scope of professional practice.  He is facing more than 50 criminal counts and if he is convicted, he could be sentenced to decades behind bars.

Families of Clemmer’s former patients have expressed outrage at the doctor because their family members died from abusing prescription drugs. Clemmer is not charged and has not been implicated by authorities in those deaths.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tina is a lier, her and her mother, Pat,(Dr Kevin's secretary)who made sure that her daughter Tina was hired after some friends of Dr Clemmer helped out at his old office on Kippling during
Pats illness. We the staff of the
other Dr.'s in the Kippling office noticed every thing for Dr Kevin took a fast slide down hill when Tina started. The mother daughter team would openly fight showing no desecration for the waiting room full of other Doctors' patients
and the moral and mood changed his whole practice, he was asked to move his practice even though everyone really liked Dr Kevin , we all knew it was Tina being hired that was going to turn things around for a well liked good Dr.
After the move to his new office on Wadsworth we started hearing things like now Pat was refusing
to bill insurance , instead all
patience new and old had to pay cash for every appointment and Wen Dr Kevin's day off Tina and Pat opened his office for a day of writing refill prescriptions collecting cash in return for filling in the name of your meds on a presigned prescription pad refusing to mix the med marijuana patients in with the same time in order to force the patience to have to come back and pay another one hundred dollar fee every time they came to the office weather they saw the Dr or not. And now Pats name has stayed clean and pure as the driven snow and her daughter will turn states evidence against the good doctor so Tina can go back to selling black market drugs like she did before the kind Dr hired her ,so that the other secretaries and friends of Dr. Kevin would "never take over again in her absence" and that was a quote that I heard her say instead of thanks to the friend and patient that stepped in to help us the day we all took over answering the phone calling in prescriptions and trying to make since of Pat's poor record keeping and help Dr Kevin stay the great self sacrificing man that he is. So that rude selfish woman and her daughter can be free to mess up someone else life. We are all sad for the loss of a great Dr. and hope that he will someday be rewarded for all the good he did and Tina and Pat will be found out as the scandalous people they are.