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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nathan Dunlap to face execution the week of August 18

The Denver Post

A judge Wednesday set the week of Aug. 18 as the time Nathan Dunlap should die for killing three teenage employees and their 50-year-old manager during the robbery of a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Aurora nearly 20 years ago.
Over the objections of Dunlap's attorneys, Judge William Sylvester announced the date in an Arapahoe County District Court.
One hand cuffed to his waist and the other free to take notes, Dunlap sat before Sylvester. Dunlap wore a blue shirt and tie, glasses with thick black frames and his trademark dreadlocks hanging down his back.
Dunlap smiled when he walked into the courtroom, and he occasionally rocked in his chair. He stood once while officers adjusted his handcuffs. He did not speak

during about 90 minutes in court.Sylvester established the one-week window for the execution but did not set the actual date. That task lies with the director of the Department of Corrections.
Wednesday marked the first time a death date has been set in Colorado since the October 1997 execution of killer Gary Davis.
Families of the victims hugged one another as they left the crowded courtroom Wednesday. Bob and Marj Crowell — parents of Sylvia Crowell, who was 19 when Dunlap shot her to death — said the execution date brings them "one step closer" to justice for their daughter.
Nancy Grant, whose son Ben Grant also died in the restaurant, said there is still a long way to go before her child gets justice.
"It needed to be done, and I hope the governor agrees," she said.

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