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Friday, September 06, 2013

Colorado prisons direct Flowers resigns..

What a fascinating turn of events.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Colorado Department of Corrections announces organizational changes as a result of the resignation of Director of Prisons Mark Flowers. CDOC Executive Director Rick Raemisch thanks Mr. Flowers for his service and dedication to the department.

Effective today, Lou Archuleta, current warden of Fremont Correctional Facility has been named Interim Director of Prisons. Kellie Wasko will be Interim Deputy Executive Director and Renae Jordan has been named Interim Director of Clinical and Correctional Services.

Executive Director Rick Raemisch wishes Mr. Flowers well and looks forward to leading the Department of Corrections in fulfilling the Department's mission and vision.

Please contact Public Information Officer Roger Hudson with additional questions.
The Denver Post

One of the Department of Corrections' top executives resigned Thursday only four months after he was hired, authorities say.

"Mark Flowers tendered his resignation today," Colorado Department of Corrections spokeswoman Alison Morgan said.

Flowers' quick resignation was just the latest in a number of rapid leadership changes at DOC since the slaying of Tom Clements at his Monument home in March. Parolee Evan Ebel allegedly killed Clements.
Flowers was hired as the state prisons director, replacing Tony Carochi after Carochi filled in temporarily for Clements as executive director. Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Rick Raemisch as Clements' permanent replacement.

Flowers had moved to Colorado from Virginia.

"Mr. Raemisch thanks Mark for his service to the department," Morgan said.
Asked whether Flowers was fired or asked to resign, Morgan said she cannot comment on personnel matters. Flowers was earning about $137,000 a year.

"Mr. Raemisch is focused on building an effective team and moving forward," Morgan said.
Flowers could not be reached immediately for comment. In an email to his staff obtained by 7News, which first reported the resignation, he said, "I will be resigning today. I appreciate all that you have done and will continue to do. Thank you for accepting me as your Director, but today will be my last day. Stay professional."


Anonymous said...

you must push DOC to tell why? Flowers was awesome, the morale in the department was starting to go up....it is horrible again.

Anonymous said...

Lou Archuleta is a HORRIBLE appointment. He has told me personally that prisoners are manipulative.mpe

Anonymous said...

You do not move to CO to be fired. Tony is not an effective manager of prisons. He is the one that should be fired. He thinks all prisoners are out to beat the system.