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Our chief areas of interest include drug policy reform, women in prison, racial injustice, the impact of incarceration on children and families, the problems associated with re-entry and stopping the practice of using private prisons in our state.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ritter Fills Four Slots On Parole Board

Gov. Bill Ritter appointed one new person and reappointed three others to the state parole board.

Margaret M. Heckenbach of Highlands Ranch will fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Maximino A. Atencio of Pueblo.

Her term will expire July 1, 2010.

Heckenbach served as a Colorado Department of Corrections parole officer from 1994 to 1999. Since 1999, she has been a team leader for the DOC's community parole division, supervising community parole officers.

Three current parole board members were reappointed for a three-year term, ending July 1, 2011. They are: Deborah C. Allen, of Aurora, Celeste M. C de Baca, of Denver, and Leslee V. Waggener, of Centennial.

Allen and Waggener were appointed by Gov. Bill Owens in 2005, while deBaca was appointed last year to fill a vacancy.

All four appointments will require Colorado Senate confirmation.

The Rocky Mountain News


Anonymous said...

This a truly unfortunate event. This Leslee V Waggener knew nothing about SB252 which limits, by state law, the power of the parole board to sentence a prisoner to more than 180 days. She sentenced my friend, Daniel K Clark, now dead from a overdose of heroin because the DOC refused to treat a broken hand he suffered in prison, to 9 months for snapping a dish rag at a buddy in the kitchen.
David Michaud had to apologize about her conduct, but he refused to take action to get her either removed or trained. He refused to follow state law by refusing to review the case by two other parole board members. No records are kept of the parole board hearings except tape recordings.
The parole board is a joke.mpc

Anonymous said...

How can Ritter appoint members who have already proven they are supporters of the prison system and will keep all their friends employed in the prison/industrial complex, some 6,500 DOC employees..along with the political contributors with private run prisons?

Anonymous said...

Mickey Heckbach did absolutely nothing as my husband's PO's teamlead. He was dinged for earned time for no reason on parole for 3 straight months. Asking her to intervene and give him the earned time fell on deaf ears. It's no wonder that when family members see a parolee struggling that they won't ask the parole officer for help for fear that all they will do is send them back to prison. Parole here in Colorado is a dismal failure. I would have rather him served 4 years in prison and been done with the whole thing then to serve a parole period because parole here is useless. Our recidivism rate is reaching 70%. When will lawmakers realize that a lot of these people need real help on the outside like mental health counseling that parolees would not have to pay for??? A lot of other states are realizing this and they are now teaming parole officers with licensed social workers because they need compassion not someone who just wants to put them back in prison.

Anonymous said...

Colorado parole is useless waste of taxpayer money. The whole bunch should be fired. The parole is a failure just as is the CDOC. When a person is sentenced to CDOC in Colorado, they would all be wise to just serve the time so they couldnt be used by a parole officer in this state.
Will never get better in Colorado until all state employee's are made accountable for there criminal actions. Includes, police officers, corrections officers, attorneys, judges.djw

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that until the people of Colorado VOTE for a Governor, senators & representative that are NOT part of the judicial system, i.e. ex-prosecuting attornies, etc, who will then select ex parolle officiers to the parolle board, nothing in this state will change. We as a community need to put into place an independent for these elected offices and get out there and vote and elect someone that isn't "waist deep" in the system!!!! What A CORRUPT STATE!!!

Anonymous said...

I am bitterly regretting having moved to Colorado. I have dreams, literally, of moving to a far more worthy state. Each and every family member and friend I talk with (luckily those out of Colorado), I tell them the misery this state sadistically enjoys in victimizing anyone for anything. Colorado is a beautiful state. It is a disgrace the politicians and the judiciary of Colorado have taken away any joy this land (in its pristine glory) COULD have been made joyous. My family and I will soon be saying "goodbye" to Colorado and never return or look back. It is nothing but a prison state run by corrupt, deceitful smiling faces. Greed.

Anonymous said...

There are a tiny minority of honest, hard working people in the DOC and the state legislature. I can think of maybe 1-3 that are honest, such as Kefalas from Fort Collins, and one director in the doc that has a clue of what needs to be done. We can bitch about the system, but we also need to take action.
Go to the streets during the political convention and embarass these idiots.

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