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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Donna Yaklich Closer To Parole

The Denver Post

ENGLEWOOD — Nearly 24 years after the murder-for-hire death of her Pueblo police officer husband, Donna Yaklich sat at a table Tuesday where her future will be decided.

She had been in that chair before, but this time there was reason to believe her parole might be approved.

That belief was validated when her request was not rejected by the parole board member.

Her case will now be heard by the full parole board at its next monthly meeting.

Her attorney, Phil Cherner, said that if the full board rules in her favor, Yaklich could be paroled this fall.

Yaklich was convicted of second-degree murder. The two brothers convicted of killing Dennis Yaklich, Charles and Edward Greenwell, testified against Donna Yaklich at her trial.

They testified she had promised to pay them $45,000 if they would kill her husband. She told the brothers Dennis had been abusive to her.

Dennis Yaklich was murdered the night of Dec. 12, 1985, outside his home in Avondale, near Pueblo, with a shotgun. Donna Yaklich was inside the home at the time.

Following his death, she cashed in a $250,000 insurance policy on his life.

She was given a 40-year sentence, the maximum. After serving 21 years in the Colorado women's correctional facility in Cañon City, she was released to a halfway house and an intense supervision program. She wears an ankle bracelet to monitor her whereabouts.

Her release was preceded by an investigation into the suspicious death of Dennis Yaklich's first wife, Barbara.

Coroners from Arapahoe and Denver counties reviewed the autopsy report on Barbara Yaklich and determined that she had died from "a very serious blunt force injury." A task force came to the conclusion that "this is a suspicious death."

At a hearing in 2006, Donna Yaklich was denied parole. She had to wait three years to apply again.


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Anonymous said...

I agree she was abused. The law wonders why it is no room for the guilty because they are locking up people that kill when there is no way to get out and there is no where to turn.

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie on Donna Y. tonght, it was so upsetting for me to watch....The only reason I continued to watch the movie, was to see the low life SOB get his guts blown away...That SOB was all Donna said he was...I'm sure...Sure do hope that SOS rots in "HELL"...

Anonymous said...

I feel she should of never been put in jail. I watched the movie and was relieved that I knew about weightlifters and their drug problems. I had a boyfriend who did the exact thing her husband did and sure enough, he came after me the same way. He was out of his head when he was injecting himself with steroids. He also tried to choke me, grind his fingers in my face, and threatened me if I ever left him. When he was at a weightlifting compition out of state, I ran like hell!! I learned then what steroids do to them and yes, they are dangerous-the people who take them. If you are in this situation, RUN! Thank God I didn't stay around to marry the monster!

Anonymous said...

no. she shouldve never went to jail. and to spend 18 years in there for being abused. she lost out on her only sons whole life for trying to protect them.. so so sad..

Anonymous said...

I think the only reason she was convicted was because the murder was planned. Had he come at her and she shot him in self defense I bet she wouldn't have served little if any jail time.

Anonymous said...

she should have never gone to jail for saving her own life,he got what he had coming,as ar as I,m concerned you have the right to KILL anyone is a threat to your life.