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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Activist Charged With False Reporting

The Coloradoan

An activist who accused Colorado Attorney General John Suthers of assaulting him at an Oct. 12 political rally has been accused of false reporting to authorities, according to a news release Friday from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

Brighton resident Robert Trucker of Safe Streets Colorado, which supports a controversial ballot measure opposed by Suthers and Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, said Friday afternoon that he absolutely, unequivocally stands by his story.
"The sheriff in essence poo-pooed the report," he said. "He said it didn't seem to have any merit. It shouldn't be a big surprise it's coming down this way."
Trucker previously said Suthers got physical with him during a conversation regarding Proposition 102 at Loveland's Old Fashioned Political Rally. He said Suthers, who is running for re-election, poked him in the chest and pushed his video camera toward the ground.
Trucker filed his complaint the day after the incident.
Suthers campaign manager Andrew Cole said Suthers is glad that witnesses corroborated his depiction of the events.
"It's sad that these guys had to resort to this kind of behavior to get some media attention for their cause," he said.
Trucker said both Suthers and Sharon Winfree with anti-Proposition 102 group Citizens to Protect Colorado Communities, who witnessed the incident, are bald-faced liars.

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