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Friday, July 06, 2012

Colorado Must Compensate Prisoners Freed By DNA Evidence

The Denver Post

GRAND JUNCTION — When Robert Dewey walked out of prison a free man after more than 16 years of being imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit, he left empty-handed.
He wasn't given the $100 debit card that parolees receive on release. He wasn't offered shelter in a halfway house, as the guilty who have served their time are. He wasn't directed to any job training or educational resources.
In Colorado, there is no compensation and no help of any sort for those who have been wrongly imprisoned.
"I didn't even get the 'gate money.' All I got was an apology. The prosecutors said, 'We're really sorry. Have a nice life,' " Dewey, 51, said two months after his release from prison, which was prompted after new DNA testing identified a new suspect in the 1994 killing of a young Palisade woman.
Now, prosecutors across the state agree that Colorado needs to do something to compensate those who are exonerated by DNA evidence after being wrongly imprisoned. A national advocacy group is pushing for the Colorado legislature to craft a compensation law. And legislators are evaluating the introduction of such a law in the next session.

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Anonymous said...

To begin, prosecutors are a huge part of the problem. They pay 'expert witnesses; they manipulate simply for the win. It's grand for their careers, regardless of innocense. This man, among several others, has lost much of his life due to occupational gain. We, as a people, must stand by the accused; research. It's more than evident that incarceration is profit, regardless of FACTS. Truth be told, for the most part, prosecution agenda is win at any cost. It's overdue to pay the piper. Will the state of Colorado remove this man's erroneous felony? PEOPLE: KEEP WATCH. There is much corruption;deceit amongst the courts/system. Help. ~Thank You~