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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Record Sealing Bill -- February 7, 1:300 Rm 0112

Record Sealing Bill Coming Before House Judicial Committee

Wednesday Febuary 7 House Judiciary Room 0122 at 1:30

Contact the Judiciary Committee

In Colorado, state law currently does not allow an adult to seal a criminal record.
This ensures that people convicted of a crime, no matter how long ago and no matter
how successful they are in life, will forever be stigmatized and possibly discriminated
against in housing and employment due to their criminal record.

Representative Mike Cerbo (D-Denver) introduced HB 07-1107 on January 15th that
would allow people to petition the court to seal a criminal record after 10 years following
the completion of a sentence or release from supervision. This bill is coming before the
House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday February 7 at 1:30.

In an effort to show support for this legislation please call the committee members and
attend the committee hearing so that they realize how serious this issue is.
This legislation will survive only if this committee votes for it. If you cannot attend the hearing,
please call your House Representative and ask them to support this legislation
(don’t know your Representative – go to www.votesmart.org) .

Rep. Morgan Carroll

Arapahoe / Democrat Attorney/Small Business owner
Cap: 303-866-2942
E-mail: morgancarroll@webaccess.net

Rep. Terrance Carroll Chair of the Judiciary Committee
Denver / Democrat/ Attorney
Cap: 303-866-2909
E-mail: terrance.carroll.house@state.co.u

Rep. Mike Cerbo (Sponsor)
Denver / Democrat/ Attorney
Cap: 303-866-2911
E-mail: mpcerbo@yahoo.com

Rep. Bob Gardner
El Paso/Fremont Republican
Attorney Cap: 303-866-2191
E-mail: bob.gardner.house@state.co.us

Rep. Andrew "Andy" Kerr
Jefferson Democrat
Educator Cap: 303-866-2923
E-mail: akerrhd26@earthlink.net

Rep. Steve King
Delta/Mesa Republican
Cap: 303-866-3068
E-mail: steve.king.house@state.co.us

Rep. Rosemary Marshall
Denver Public Policy Democrat
Cap: 303-866-2959
E-mail: rosemary.marshall.house@state.co.us

Rep. Ellen Roberts
Archuleta/La Plata/Montezuma/San Juan
Attorney Cap: 303-866-2914
E-mail: ellen.roberts.house@state.co.us

Rep. Debbie Stafford
Arapahoe/Elbert Republican
Ordained Minister/Counselor/Auctioneer
Cap: 303-866-2944
E-mail: debbie.stafford.house@state.co.us

Rep. Amy Stephens
El Paso/ Consultant /Republican
Cap: 303-866-2924
E-mail: amy.stephens.house@state.co.us

Rep. Claire Levy
Boulder/Clear Creek/Gilpin /Democrat/Attorney
Cap: 303-866-2578
E-mail: claire.levy.house@state.co.us

We need your help to move this legislation forward. If passed this legislation could be significant in the lives of so many.

To read the bill in its entirety go to

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