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Friday, July 13, 2007

Colorado Capitol TV

Play Name the Show.

The Colorado House of Representatives plans to go live on cable television and the Internet next year, but top lawmakers are still wondering what to call the show.

A name-the-broadcast contest launched last week by Speaker Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver, has generated more than 300 possibilities, many of which indicate that politicos view the pending broadcast as must-flee TV.

Among them: "Colorado Capitol Punishment," "House of Pain," "ALOHA - A Lot of Hot Air." and "C-RAP"

More serious suggestions included: "Colorado Open House" and "Streaming Colorado."

There are many takeoffs on C-SPAN - the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network, which shows national political events around the clock.

Several voted for CO-SPAN. One wag suggested ZZZZZZZZZZZ-SPAN. Another touted CO-PAIN - Colorado Public Affairs Internet Network.

In interviews, some noted wiseacres offered ideas too. Sen. Steve Johnson, R-Larimer County, suggested, "What Not to Wear." And Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute think tank, said, "The Price Is Wrong."

Cindy Parsons, spokeswoman for Comcast cable, said the naming decision is up to the lawmakers.

Romanoff said he doesn't have a deadline for picking a name. The winner gets bragging rights, nothing else.

Name that broadcast

To suggest a name, go to knowledgemessenger.com/prod/ViewNewsletter.asp?id=1845&App=andrew.

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