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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DOC October Population Reports

October Population Reports


Anonymous said...

The DOC just does not get it. If the legislature had the guts to do it, they need to close half the prisons and just keep the violent ones. Then take the savings of a half billion dollars, fire the entire staff and then rehire only those that do their job and have some compassion, and use the savings to:
1) Open, secure state run drug rehabilitation centers
2) Open more state run and inspected half way houses, for BOTH those coming back from prison and for those who commit "technical violations"
3) Limit parole to be "life coaches" and unarmed, lest they become trigger happy. They might be less likely to be John Wayne types
4) More money to our schools
5) More tax breaks for companies that hire ex-cons

Marcia said...

mpc. Your comments are always level headed and on target. YOU get it. I believe DOC gets it too.

Although the DOC presents themselves as "advocates" and in favor of compassionate, reasonable reform, THEY get it too. It is about politics and money. The more the better --- for themselves. The misguided system depends on apathy and ignorance from the general population who have never had the experience in dealing with a corrupt judicial system. (Bought off prosecution; judges who need to get the hell off the bench due to their duplicitous personalities and characters.)

Reason, rehabilitation, and cost effective measures, as you stated, are NOT their concern. Sadly, I doubt it ever will be.

Anonymous said...

My hubby just went back on 2nd deg assault. I don't want him locked up with the violent ones...his weapon was a bottle! Not a weapon at all until you read the statute! I believe DOC and Parole CONTRIBUTE to new offenses not just technical ones. They make it so difficult for parolees (fees, fees, fees), that they become financially overwhelmed and give up because they have no way to cope...and their parole officers aren't any help at all. Parolees are expected to be PERFECT when no one can be so they are yet again set up to fail. This is my hubby's 3rd time around here. He's never been released early, never been sent to Comcor and forget Cheyenne Mountain...he's always been a short-timer and therefore not worth it to them to do anything with but keep to his MRD. I'll bet they'll do the same this time even though his sentence is 3 times longer. The Prosecution's not bought off, they make their money by overcharging offenders in order to get them to take a plea...it's either that or the BITCH. That kind of coercion should be against the law and they should go spend some time in prison for it.

Anonymous said...