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Monday, November 17, 2008

New Rules For State ID

A huge round of applause goes out to Carol Peeples for the volumes of work she did on this!!



The Department of Revenue has passed a significant rule change on an emergency basis, effective immediately, that is likely to enable thousands of Coloradans to obtain a driver’s license or identification card without the necessity of Exception Processing or administrative appeal.

These are the highlights of the new rules:

1. An individual with a Colorado driver’s license (DL) or ID card expired within the last 10 years (previously one year) may use that document by itself to obtain a new DL or ID, provide there is an image of the applicant on file with the Department of Revenue (DOR). (Rule

2. If an individual had a Colorado DL or ID expired within the last 10 years and their image is not on file with the Department of Revenue, only an additional document verifying lawful presence (such as a Social Security card or U.S. birth certificate) will be required. (

3. A Colorado Department of Correction or Federal Bureau of Prisons ID card will now be accepted to establish identity, and only a birth certificate will be needed (so long as the first and last names match) to establish the other 3 elements (age, name and lawful presence). ( No longer will the absence or failure to match a middle name be grounds for denying an ID or DL under these circumstances.

4. An individual who no longer has an expired DL or ID may still be able to qualify if there is a department record of the DL or ID, and the applicant’s facial image, signature and fingerprint match that record. The applicant must also provide either his/her Social Security number (not necessarily the card itself) or an additional document. (

5. Exception Processing should only have to be used when an individual has never had a Colorado ID or DL and when he/she cannot provide sufficient documents as listed in the rules and on the matrix.

The new matrix is not yet available on the DOR website, but it is hoped that it will be available on line within a week. I have attached a scanned copy provided by DOR for your use until that time.

Call (303) 866-9377 or e-mail me (lolson@colegalserv.org) if you have any questions about these changes or run into any problems. Since the rules were just faxed to the DMV offices on Friday, 11/1/408, there are likely to be some mistakes and misunderstandings in the beginning. Roni White, the Director of Licensing Programs, will be monitoring the implementation of these new rules and Exception Processing.


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome change of rules. This is a very basic step of being accepted back into society and being able to get a job. Thank you to all who helped on this!!mpc

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