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Monday, April 27, 2009

Former Meth Addict Wins Prestigious Award

GJ Sentinel

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tina Castro was 16 when she became hooked on methamphetamine. More than two decades later, the Grand Junction woman has turned her life around and is being heralded for her leadership and stellar work ethic.

Castro, 38, who served four years of a nine-year prison sentence on drug-related charges, was recognized recently with a prestigious award from her employer, Goodwill Industries.

With a felony on her record, Castro initially struggled to find work, but management at the secondhand store offered her a chance to prove herself.

Nearly two years later, Castro is enjoying the fruits of a promotion and the thrill of receiving the company’s 2008 Co-Independence Award, the first time the honor has been bestowed on an employee in Grand Junction.

“I couldn’t be in a better place,” Castro said, smiling and looking around the store where she works, 630 24 1/2 Road. “It took a lot of focusing to get here.”

Castro had been a drug addict for 18 years when she got into trouble with the law in her 30s.

Being sentenced to prison afforded her an opportunity to learn who she was, although the experience also hardened her.

Castro was stabbed in the arm by another inmate on her second day of being incarcerated; the scars still are visible when she lifts her shirt’s right sleeve.


Anonymous said...

Are you people crazy? A lady gets an award from a nonprofit employer Goodwill Industries that take in use clothes, cars , and everything else resales these items and pays her peanuts-and you write an article about this as if something great is happening. Please reveal how much she is earning and compare it to the CEO of Goodwill Industries. The Vice President and the other significant interest who formed Goodwill Industries. You will find deception and greed- which is what this article is made of. Goodwill Industries as well as the Salvation Army and other United Way organisations had Ceo's making 400,000 a year in 1992 Remember Mr. Aramony who was The CEO of United Way in the 90's and was only asked to resign after it was shown he used money to live a lifestyle that included multiple properties,cars and family at high positions in the United Way. what does this have to do with the person getting the award at Goodwill Industries? It is a diguise and promotes and misleads the public into thinking this little award is something significant on account she was a meth addict wow. I think I will go and donate my car right now is what alot of people will think not knowing the first 400,000 goes to the CEO usually a white male who has been doing this for years, and owns a 19 bedroom 4 baths house on the lake. Yet we could'nt publish this could we? Because people might not want to donate stuff for that cause. So better portray a former meth addict recieving a stinking "independents award" You people have Hell to pay.

Anonymous said...