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Friday, September 04, 2009

How Will Budget Cuts Effect West Slope Prisons


DELTA, Colo. (KJCT)- We have an exclusive look inside one of western Colorado's prisons just days after we learned state budget cuts mean 15 percent of Colorado's inmates may get early parole.

KJCT News 8's reporter Sara Goldenberg and photojournalist Robert Garrison toured the Delta Correctional Facility and spoke with prison officials about how the budget cuts will impact them.

The prison warden tells KJCT News 8 he doesn't expect to see much of a change. He says if anything this will just speed up the parole process. But some in the community are worried about safety.

The Delta Correctional Facility has several programs that prepare inmates to make the transition from behind bars-- into our communities.

"98% of our offenders will be released anyway. The criteria is-- these are people who will be released in six months to a year. They will be coming back to the community, we're just going to escalate that process," said Delta Correctional Facility prison ward Steven Green. It's the last stop in the system for inmates on their way to parole.

"We want to get inmates in, give them the life skills they need so they can re-enter society and have a better chance at successful re-integration," Green said.

The Delta Correctional Facility is minimum security-- housing 480 inmates. Steven Green is the warden of the prison. He doesn't expect much to change due to the budget cuts.

"Probably minimal impact. We might see a bit more of a turnover. Right now the average stay at Delta or Rifle is about six months," he said.

The cuts call for the release of 3,500 Colorado inmates over two years. As a level one prison-- Delta's Correctional Facility is already preparing inmates for release.


Anonymous said...

Dont let them lie. They only provide a bed and whatever the state makes them do. There are no programs and most prisoners will go back into prison. Our society has not changed their attitude towards those who have offended. They will not be considered for jobs, they will not get housing, and they will commit crimes. They will go back to the only life that they know.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the story also fails to mention , that the inmates are not all minimum security. Some have thier classifications on an over ride and so medium and minimum closed inmates are at Delta. And the inmates are allowed to have exacto knives. the guards dont carry anything. How does this protect the public?