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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chambers Non-Disclosure Inexcusable

The Denver Post
"All hell is going to break loose."
That's a judge's take on District Attorney Carol Chambers' office withholding bombshell evidence in a death-penalty case.
It's not often you hear a judge haul off like 15th District Chief Judge Stanley Brinkley did about the Chambers team's concealing key facts while prosecuting David Bueno for the murder of a fellow inmate at the Limon Correctional Facility.
Bueno's defense centered on the theory that white supremacists at the prison killed Jeffrey Heird and blamed the murder on three Latino inmates, including Bueno and co-defendant Alejandro Perez.
Heird was labeled a rat for not warning fellow white inmates about a prison drug bust.
As I wrote a few weeks ago, prosecutors withheld the fact that minutes after finding Heird's body in 2004, a prison nurse discovered a letter written by the Aryan Nation threatening to "exterminate" white inmates who "refuse to accept their proud race." DAs also failed to disclose that two days after Heird's death, another white inmate was found in the same living unit with blunt chest trauma. David Hollenbeck was named as a target in the Aryan Nation letter. He died three days later.
"We have been messing around with this case, playing hide-and-go- seek," Brinkley chastised, court documents show. "It's a travesty."
I don't know David Bueno, 45, whom a jury convicted and sentenced to life in prison rather than death. His guilt or innocence isn't the point.
The point is that DAs sat on more than half of the evidence in his case, including the two pages that would have been most helpful for his defense.
And that Chambers' office took 17 months after Bueno's conviction to hand over the documents — only after Brinkley ordered it to do so as he presides over Perez's case.


Anonymous said...

Who is the warden of this facility?? There is no exscuse to the prison, have gang activity going on in a prison. What ever Aryon Nation is, i wouldnt be proud to even know him or his race, however the warden is guilty for allowing gang activitys in his prison.
Of course the real issue about this story goes back to how Carol Chambers handles evidence and information.This story shows that there is problems thru out the criminal justice system. The problems with all the DA's needs to be addressed now. That includes Morrissey's office in Denver as well as any others documented to having followed the same trend. djw
As for

Anonymous said...


The warden at Limon is new. I don't know who the warden was prior to the new one.

This judge has ethics. There are not too many of them sitting on the benches in Colorado. Judge Brinkley knows the consequences of corrupted prosecutors. I can only hope there are a few in El Paso County that are aware also. Division 10 is o-u-t.

Gang activity is permitted in every 'correctional' facility. Nothing is truly being done to end the blatant racism going on inside. Most correctional, wouldn't you say??? From what I have learned, it would appear that it is encouraged. Especially at private prisons. More money, less (or no) determined rehabilitation.

Public safety. Yeah, well . . . Mr. Zavaras, begin with keeping a close eye on the behaviors in the courts. They thrive on corruption.

End immunity to those who betray self-promotion over justice. Criminals are convicting criminals. In many cases, criminals are convicting good people simply for the sake of convicting, and in turn teaching the art of crime to those who otherwise would have been productive citizens of society.

I get the feeling that crime and massive incarcerations in the U.S. are no accident. The U.S. is on par with China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Most shameful. Enemies? It doesn't appear so in the criminal 'justice' arena.

The Netherlands has a grip on public safety and ethical standards, not the USA.


Mary-Ellen, Mimi, Jason said...

How about the state of CO hand picking several of the most powerful Aryan gang leaders and sending them to the Sudan where people are dying from lack of water and food. Maybe they will come back with greater respect for universal autonomy. AND TAKE CAROL CHAMBERS, TERRANCE GILMORE, JOLENE BLAIR AND OTHERS LIKE THEM.
They have an even greater responsibility and apparently need to be re-schooled to respect autonomy and the law. Plain Jane