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Friday, November 06, 2009

Department of Corrections Monthly Population - October

Department of Corrections

The stats show that over 160 people have been released between accelerated release and HB 1351...


Barney said...

There have been 10 people released on the early release program. The remaining 150 were people who were due to have been released anyway. This is just more or their propoganda. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM!!!!! Prove me wrong DOC.

Anonymous said...

You got it right Barney. I am currently on parole and since coming out of DOC nearly 3 years ago have had a flawless track record. No missed or hot ua's, completion of a therapeutic community while in prison as well as 2 independant programs after being released. One of which I was told to complete by my parole officer even though TASC advised that I didn't need to be in anymore treatment. My restitution is paid, I work two jobs... I am the criteria for early discharge and when submitted last month was told that even though my parole has been perfect, the parole board would probably deny my early discharge. I don't get it... What possible reason could they have for holding on to me? Oh, I forgot, I'm a danger to the community!

Anonymous said...

It is always the money. They have never, ever let one of the 6500 voters employed by the DOC lose their budgeted position! That includes never considering tbe end to mandatory parole.
Ari Zavaras and the rest of this prison industrial, police state and phony attorney and judge system needs to be overhauled now.mpc

Barney said...

Now that we have a $208 million dollar white elephant (CSP II) sitting empty, WATCH OUT!!!!!! They will no doubt figure out a way to fill it up to cover their sorry a**es.