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Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Parole Dates Okayed For Arkansas Prisoners

AP Report
LITTLE ROCK—A spokeswoman for the state prison system says the Arkansas Board of Corrections has approved early parole hearings for 648 inmates in an effort to ease prison crowding.

Prison spokeswoman Dina Tyler said Monday the board also hopes to reduce crowding in the prisons by getting money from the Legislature next year to open a new prison in Malvern. The facility was scheduled to open partially this year, but those plans were aborted when $6.6 million was slashed from the prison system’s budget.


Unknown said...

Sure do hope their program works better than ours did. I have not heard of any more prisoners being early released since the first 10, who were by the way a totally screwed up choice. It is my opinion that they deliberately chose inmates who were likely to create problems so that they could use it as an excuse to end the program prematurely. Then they could say, "we tried and it didn't work". BS. "There is gold in them thar prisoners". They don't want to release prisoners. There is money to be made by many who do not want to lose that $$$$.

Anonymous said...

Barney your right on. Now its our job to shove the money right down there greedy little throats. Lets all get togather and support all organizations actively opposing those greedy people and there c
schemes to keep people locked up. Familys Voice for Inmates will come forward in January with positive steps to end the greedy practices and policys of those responsible for Mandatory parole. extortion of credit and ect. Watch for our coming web site. djw
ps. Barney, Arkansas prisons are run to rehabilitate those that want to better themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lets get the facts straight here. The DOC report is showing that the number of releases is way up.
We are not alone in not opening prisons. Arkansas and Illinois are at least two other states that are not opening built prisons.
We are, however, taking on prisoners from other states. Oregon sent a life without parole prisoner Lust to us and the wonderful management of DOC put him in a medium security prison at Territorial. He murdered prisoner Ferguson, who was a convicted Arapahoe child molester. That sure sounds like DOC management is in the business of killing people...but this will be swept away from public view. mpc