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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sheen jailed for 10 hours in Colorado on felony domestic violence charges - The Denver Post

Really though, how do you see a judge on Christmas? hmmmm...
Sheen jailed for 10 hours in Colorado on felony domestic violence charges - The Denver Post


Barney said...

There is no limit to what money can do! He did not even "see" a judge. It was done via telephone.
Sooooooo...why wasn't Elin Nordegren hauled to jail and charged with domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapoon, assault resulting in bodily injury, criminal mischief, etc? Why was there not a charge, an arrest, a cooling off period in jail, a bond, a mandatory restraining order, nothing? If it were you or me there would have been all of the above and then some.

Anonymous said...

It is also interesting that the rules in prison are different for the guards...administrators..medical staff. When men and women do something wrong and go to prison for an offense they are told it is wrong to lie and cheat and in general do something wrong. When in prison they are shown by the people over them that they do not follow the rules at all times and whatever they want to do is alright. Two sets of rules in this old world of ours. Is it right? No. Can we change this...I hope so and am trying to show my son that he can change and be a person who keeps his word!