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Friday, March 05, 2010

Few on either side happy with proposed medical-marijuana licensing rules - The Denver Post

Few on either side happy with proposed medical-marijuana licensing rules - The Denver Post

Marijuana activists and law enforcement officials sparred Thursday as the bell rang on the fight over medical-marijuana dispensary regulations at the state Capitol.

The first committee hearing on House Bill 1284 — which would require dispensaries to be licensed by both state and local governments and is the more controversial of the two medical-marijuana bills at the Capitol — stretched into the evening. Lawmakers said late Thursday that they would not vote on the measure until another date.

What was most clear in early rounds was that neither the law enforcement community nor large sections of the medical-marijuana community much care for the bill.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isnt it time to tell law enforcemnt to enforce those laws as passed by the people. Why do you all let them tell you what laws to pass and not. Were all paying there dam salarys. They need to just do there jobs. Reminds me of what your all letting DOC get by with and that is paying the salary of a man working for the DOC thats job is to lobby the legislature?? No wonder that nothing can ever get done that should. Until the legislature corrects it i am gonna yell about the unfairness of MANDATORY PAROLE. Its double jeopardy and needs to be abolished.