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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Suspect dies after being shot by Thornton police - The Denver Post

Suspect dies after being shot by Thornton police - The Denver Post
THORNTON — A man who allegedly broke into the Thornton home of his roommate, stole the roommate's van and then returned to the residence minutes later was fatally shot by Thornton police early today.

Matt Barnes, spokesman for the Thornton Police Department, said the man returned to the home around 4 a.m., some 15 minutes after police originally received reports that the suspect broke into the home, trashed the interior and stole a van.

As the man approached two officers, he had his hand on a large knife and ignored repeated commands to "stop" and to "get on the ground."

One of the officers fired a Taser at the man; the second officer fired his gun, according to Barnes. The suspect died a short time later at a local hospital.

Barnes said that he does not know how many shots were fired or whether the man had taken the knife out of a sheath and pointed it at the officers.

The name of the suspect was not released.

The incident started at 3:45 a.m., when police received a call from a home in the 11600 block of Steele Street from a man who said his roommate had broken into the home, ransacked the premises, and then stolen his work van.

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/ci_14646631#ixzz0hn2gjF0L


Anonymous said...

The number of high-security or close-custody inmates is 47 percent of the population??? Colorado must have more than it's fair share of violent inmates. Or could it be that DOC has been giving inmates write ups for everything so they have more points? Then DOC can make it look like at least on paper that they need additonal higher security beds.

Anonymous said...

The Colorado DOC should be audited from stem to stern and there classification system of prisoners also gone thru and corrected. The entire operation should be changed to a re habilitation system rather than punishment. The inmate's loss of liberty and there confinement for what ever the sentence is punishhment and if they accept an opportunity to further there education, learn a trade and change there lifestyle that got them into prison, why not a second chance???
If they are in for a violent killing, rape, those with felony 1 and 2's. Put them all in a secure prison with razor wire and the works. The rest, the non violent can be housed in military style barracks and a lot less security. The feds do it with non violent offenders. Why let DOC officials build themselves a permanent growth machine and enjoy high salarys that are way beyond anything those people could make in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

I know that the prisons are writing people up for no reason just to make it look like they are violent prisoners. My son got written up because he was gambling, according to the officer. Even though his roomie told the hearing officer that they had found the paper on his side of the cell and it was his. They told my son we decided you were doing it too. So they gave him points and moved him to a medium security prison. The he just got written up for running up the stairs after a guard came into the area, to tell the inmates the guard was on the way. The guys knew he was coming cause they had a lookout already. The guys told the officer that he was not a lookout and he said, well that is what it seemed like to us. Anything to keep inmates and to harress them. Must feel God like!