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Monday, April 11, 2011

Editorial: Overreaction to meth situation - The Denver Post

Editorial: Overreaction to meth situation - The Denver Post

Methamphetamine is a seriously destructive illegal drug that has prompted law enforcement crackdowns and public health initiatives, and rightfully so.

But is meth production such a growing problem in Colorado that it justifies making a whole swath of over-the-counter decongestants, used as ingredients for meth, prescription-only?

We're not convinced.

Senate Bill 196, pending in the state legislature, would make some 15 popular cold and allergy medications available only by prescription.

The products, now kept behind the pharmacy counter, contain pseudoephedrine, a crucial component that meth makers must have to create meth.

It's in products such as Mucinex D, Sudafed D, Zyrtec D, and Claritin D.

As it stands, you have to request these products from pharmacy staff and show identification, but a prescription is not required. The ID requirement is an effort to prevent large-scale purchases, which are used in meth production.

The process would change under SB 196. Proponents of the bill say a doctor's visit wouldn't be required to get a prescription for these medications — that patients could merely call a doctor for a prescription. However, doctors have the final say in how they'd handle such requests.

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