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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Master's Lawyer In The Hotseat

FORT COLLINS — Tim Masters' former lawyer this morning disputed the notion that he still is bound to "zealously represent" the man who is serving a life sentence for the Feb. 11, 1987, murder of Peggy Hettrick.

Lawyer Nathan Chambers also said several times that he had been assured by prosecutors before Masters' trial that they had turned over everything they had to the defense.

Chambers returned to the witness stand for the sixth day in a series of hearings being conducted as part of Masters' fight for a new trial — and this morning he faced, for the first time, cross-examination from the special prosecutors in the case.

In testimony stretching over five days, Chambers had repeatedly said that Fort Collins police and Larimer County prosecutors had repeatedly withheld from him information that has recently come to light — information that he said would have helped him win an acquittal for Masters.

Rocky mountain News


Anonymous said...

I'm currently a law student at Notre Dame, but i've recenty increasingly mortified by the dearth of good evidence by which some people are convicted. This man was convicted on the circumstancial evidence of 3 primarily points
1) that he owned multiple knives with blades longer than 5 inches used in hte killings
2) He had a violent nature, as evidenced by his drawings
3) The killing occured on his mother's anniversery, and his violence could have been trigerred by an association with his mother's death.
4) He allegedly paused while walking in the vicinity of the body, but reported nothing to the police.

While i have my doubt that this amounts to the defendant's guilt beyond reasonable doubt, if evidence was withheld potentially working against particularly the defendant's supposed violent nature, the prosecution's circumstancial evidence case may have been considerably weakened.

If the prosecutor truly withheld the evidence that an unsucessful sting in which the police tried to elicit a violent reaction in association with the defendant's mother (as reported by cnn.com http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/law/11/09/masters.case/index.html), I think there is no doubt, especially in a case such as this entirely reliant on circumstancial evidence (of a dubious nature), a new trial would be entirely warranted. If hte police entirely failed to link points 2) and 3), then failed to report their failure to the defense, the defense was deprived of their ability to establish that the defendant did not associate violent thoughts in connection with his mother's death. This is a travesty of justice.

Anonymous said...

made a mistake above--said 3 points orignially, then realized the prosecution had an additional point and added another argument, but forgot to revise that the prosecution had, in fact 4 points.

Anonymous said...

I am not commenting on this case in particular. Remember one thing folks. For every innocent person in prison there is a guilty person running free.

Anonymous said...

This and 100s other cases point to the fact that the USA judicial system is an absolute piece of crap. This system needs a complete remake and among other things should get rid-off barbaric death penalty for ever.

Unknown said...

The problem with our system is that too many prosecutors are more interested in winning than in finding the truth. It's become a numbers game, and the higher the number of convictions, the better the DA's record looks.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why GOD said 2 eyewitnesses just because somebody doesn't act the way you think they should doesn't mean they're guilty of anything we are all different and we respond differently in all situations also just because he stopped in the area where she was doesn't mean he seen her I know I could have tripped on her and not seen her i don't always see whats there people walk in front of me i don't see them who knows if anything was wrong with this boys head and the fact that the anniverary of his mothers death was near that is enough to mess up a 15 yr olds mind I don't know that he he's innocent but I know I would never convict anybody because of they're reactions or lack there of but I know that the guilty will answer one day soon because there is one who knows all.

Anonymous said...

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