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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Medical Marijuana Store To Open In Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS — A Fort Collins couple is opening a store to sell medical marijuana.

Store owners James and Pat Fleming say they plan to serve the needs of people who suffer from chronic pain and other illnesses and that they're "not out to be legal drug dealers."

The EnerChi Healing Center store would be the first of its kind in Fort Collins. Other services they will offer include yoga, hypnosis, nutrition and meditation.

Fort Collins police spokeswoman Rita Davis says what the Flemings are doing is legal as long as they are certified to grow marijuana and they sell it to users with a doctor's prescription and a state-issued registration card.

Marijuana use for medical purposes became legal in Colorado when voters approved Amendment 20 in 2000.

The store opens Monday.

The Rocky Mountain News

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is lupe and what this couple is doing here in ft collins is a miricle. it will save many lives, and help many people. i am so tired of the government making deals with pharmaceutical companys for the past 70 years. i have a question if anyone can help me please. my son is 16 years old and recently had a accident in early december 2008. At first we did not think it was a big deal. later as the days went on he started complaining about how his back was hurting. long story short, over the past month in a half, the docter kept prescribing him hydocodone and it was doing nothing for him besides building a tolerance. about last week we got him a mri(cat scan)we found out he has a broken disk and a disk bulg. the pain keeps him at home all the time, he cant go to school, and go anywhere with his friends. they know recently presribed him morphine. what really scares me his he still is waking up a lot at night in pain. anyways all of these pills they have been giving him could cause serious problems to his health and could addict him. thats the last thing i want for him but i dont want him to be in pain. honestly i think marijuana would be safer, healthier, non adictive, natrual, and been around for thousands of years. but i dont know if there is a age limit for a medical marijuana license. if there is, i find it hard to belive that docters would rather give chemicals to a minor that can kill you in to life time customer(addict) to big time pharmacys or or smoke some flowers on a plant that nobody has ever died from. please comment