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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mapping DUI's

NateTaylor @coloradoan.com

Local law enforcement agencies believe new maps will help them better enforce drunken-driving laws.

With the help of new data-plotting map technology implemented in the past year, Colorado State Patrol at Troop C in Fort Collins can see where the most DUI-related accidents have occurred during the past three years.

As a result, they can target their patrols to those areas.

"I think the biggest and the whole reason we did this is to focus our enforcement efforts," said CSP Captain Rob Marone. "The maps have helped our troopers to be able to find the areas that need the focus, and that's something we've not had in the past."

The maps feature color-coded pins indicating the locations of accidents and the types of accidents during each season. Marone said for now, the maps are used to pinpoint where activity occurs. With time, the troop will be able to see if it's making a difference by targeting patrols.

"It's our first year doing it, so there is no data to show the effectiveness yet," Marone said. "I hope it's something we can continue so we can compare our new efforts to our efforts before."

The map-plotting technology is not only benefiting the CSP troop but also the patrol division of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

LCSO Major Justin Smith said the collaboration between the two agencies has improved their ability to enforce the law.

The Coloradoan


Anonymous said...

Lets take a look back at what the high way patrol was really set up for??? It wasnt to make a concentrated effort to catch drunks. You all seem to forget its the citizens tax dollars your spending, and i as a citizen dont feel you people shouls sit around making maps and wasting tax money that should be used to do what you were originally meant to do. When you start targeting instead of doing your real overaul job your expendible. djw

Anonymous said...

Curret DUI laws are just a revenue stream anddo nothing to prevent re-offending, save livesor helpthose who have an lacaholproblem.

We have declared smoking a public hazard and banned it, do the same for drinking and force auto makers to put simple andeffective breathalizersis all cars.

This woulds solve the problem the goverment and free up jailspace would lose ton of $$.

What really matters to the goverment saving livesor making cash?

This is coming from someone with four DUI convictions and I will honestly say nothingthe gover ment has ever done hasdetered me onebit. I am sober thanksto AA andmymoral compass not the goverments browbeating.

Support DDAMM and DUI sentening reform.

Anonymous said...

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David Tech Guy said...

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Anonymous said...