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Thursday, March 12, 2009

CCA Announces 600 Prisoner Move From Arizona To Colorado

NASHVILLE, TN -- (Marketwire) -- 03/11/09 -- Corrections Corporation of America ("CCA") (NYSE: CXW), the nation's largest provider of corrections management services to government agencies, announced that the state of Arizona has awarded a contract to CCA to manage up to 752 Arizona inmates at its 752-bed Huerfano County Correctional Center in Colorado. The Company currently houses approximately 2,100 inmates from the state of Arizona at its Diamondback Correctional Facility located in Oklahoma pursuant to a separate management contract.

The new contract includes an initial term ending March 9, 2010, which may be renewed by mutual agreement for four consecutive terms of one year each. Additionally, the new contract includes a guaranteed 90 percent occupancy level effective upon initially reaching 90 percent occupancy. The Company is currently working with the state of Colorado to relocate approximately 600 inmates housed at the Huerfano facility to CCA's three other facilities located in Colorado. Concurrently, the Company is working with the state of Arizona to establish a ramp-up schedule for their inmates.

"We are grateful that the state of Arizona has expanded our relationship and entrusted these additional inmates into our care," stated CCA's Chief Executive Officer John Ferguson. "We are also pleased to continue executing our strategy of providing just-in-time beds to meet our customers' needs."


Barb said...

Our prisoners are double bunked and we are going to house 600 from Arizona. What kind of sense does that make?

Anonymous said...

Barb, it makes sense because the prison companies can make lots more money. That is the whole object. Prisons are more about money than "Your Personal

Anonymous said...

Over crowded is nothing to worry about. The persons in all prison are a commodity. They make money for the states and privately owned prisons. Why do you think everyone strives to keep those prisons full? Not so that they can deter crimes, it is so money can be made. What they should do is give the families of the prisoners a kick back from the money the make off of them. The families suffer but the jails prosper.

Anonymous said...

the US constitution calls making a profit from people, SLAVERY and we thought Lincoln freed the slaves??? Take a hard look at your tax dollars at work, who gets them and who SUFFERS?? djw

Anonymous said...