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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The End Of CWCF

Canon City Daily Record
Mix together one part commencement ritual, one part emotion and one part a look back into history, and the result is the Women’s Graduation and Recognition Ceremony on Monday afternoon at the Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility.

Eighty-six certificates were awarded to inmates in programs ranging from associate’s degrees and apprenticeships to anger management and cosmetology in the final graduation program at CWCF. It has been targeted by the state Legislature for closure by May 31, the victim of economic hardship.

Soon after the melody of “Pomp and Circumstance” faded away and the graduates were seated, speakers turned to the closure of the 41-year-old facility.

“The difference between this graduation and others is you’re never going to live here again,” State Rep. Buffie McFadyen, keynote speaker, told the graduates. “You’ll be moving on to either Denver or Pueblo.”

Dr. Diana Wenzel, Adams State College, said she understands the prison places a high value on education.


Anonymous said...

It's funny I havent seen an aassociates degree program in any of the womens facilities for years!(at one time they were available more like 10 years ago) cwcf may still have one but as far as the other three womens facilities it DOES NOT EXIST! so where do you get off saying that "the prison places a High value on education" there is a waiting list for a GED and most of the people end up leaving without one! as far as drug programs "TC" is the only program that addresses personal issues and requires a commitment and they only accept 72 women for a two year program there are approx 900 women at DWCF and the majority of there charges are drug related or abuse related in some way or another. Not to mention that DWCF is the only womens facility with this program. granted A.A is available but is that considered education or a 12 step program? that leaves approx2243 women inmates sitting there in the same condition as they were when initially incarcerated.these women are realeased back into the community with nothing to show but obesity.

Anonymous said...