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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colorado Man Waits For Freedom

Daily Camera

LIMON — Tim Kennedy tugs at the Department of Corrections No. 94886 tag on his green-blue prison uniform and says with a smile: "This number and stuff are dead. My convictions are overturned and I'm no longer a convicted felon. I'm all new."

Kennedy, 52, is hoping to be freed after he is transferred this week from a prison in Limon to El Paso County, where a judge overturned his conviction in a 1991 double murder and ordered a new trial.

El Paso County District Judge Thomas Kane's decision April 21 to toss out Kennedy's conviction in the slayings of 15-year-old Jennifer Carpenter and her boyfriend, 37-year-old Steve Staskiewicz, followed years of appeals capped by a 14-day hearing during which another possible suspect was named.

Kennedy could be released after a hearing Tuesday if prosecutors decide to drop the case or agree to $50,000 bail sought by Kennedy's attorneys, Kathleen Carlson and John Dicke, who have been fighting for Kennedy's release since 2006.

El Paso County District Attorney Dan May has declined to talk publicly about the case.

During an interview Thursday at the Limon Correctional Facility on the Eastern Plains about 95 miles east of Denver, Kennedy cherished the thought of being a free man. Apart from spending time with his sister and brother, one of the first things Kennedy would do if he is freed is get a steak dinner.


Anonymous said...

His conviction has been overturned by the judge who sentenced him -- should El Paso County spend our tax money to re-try this man? He has already spent about 14 years in prison. Isn't that enough to do to an innocent man? Remember, he is innocent until proven guilty! Or, is it guilty until proven innocent in Colorado? What if he had been sentenced to death? Would Colorado have killed him for a crime he probably did not commit?

Don't waste taxpayer dollars on another trial! Spend it on the trial of the deputy district attorney who was recently arrested for DUI!!! Or perhaps on a trial of John Newsome for drinking on duty and then driving a county vehicle.

Is Tim Kennedy's case one that John Newsome prosecuted while he was under the influence of alcohol? Every case that was prosecuted while John Newsome was DA is suspect. Did he make a decision to prosecute while he was under the influence of alcohol? After watching him on TV go from the bar to the office and then back to the bar, and then back to his office, he and his office have lost all credibility. Every conviction while he was DA should be reviewed! Who is watching the rest of the DA's office now that Newsome is gone? Are they still drinking alcohol at lunch and afternoon breaks?

Anonymous said...

Good points on the first comment!

Anonymous said...