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Friday, May 22, 2009

Gitmo Hysteria and Prison Happy Fremont County


That annoying, low-pitched whine you hear is the bipartisan complaining from Colorado lawmakers, true blue and beet red, all bent out of shape and quaking in their Crocs over a simple little suggestion from the Obama administration to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. That would mean turning its inhabitants over to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons -- and, most likely, the relocation of scores of terrorism suspects to the federal supermax in Colorado.

Holy jihad, Batman. From all the fuss out there, you'd think someone had proposed to ban puppy mills or raise energy severance taxes or something equally unAmerican. You've got a bunch of tough Republican state legislators, like Yuma's Cory Gardner and Ken Kester of Las Animas, fretting like a flock of pantywaists over whether the arrival of so many Gitmo grads in Colorado would "create a magnet for terrorist acts staged to politicize the detention of terrorists in a vulnerable Middle American community." Kester has vowed to fight the move "tooth and nail," which sounds like a scratch-and-hiss little catfight if there ever was one.

And, inexplicably, you've got Mark Udall and Michael Bennett -- both Senators, both Democrats -- thumbing down the proposal, too, agonizing over the implications of housing military detainees in a civilian hoosegow. All of which seems a bit baffling, given the mission and history of the supermax, officially known as the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum: ADX for short.


Anonymous said...

With all the stink over gitmo, the brutalization of war detainee's, the real culprit would be Busch and Cheney who made the mess. First let me state, Busch said we were at war in Iraq. We sent troops and lots of money. Now the war is over according to Busch and Cheney. My question is why arent the detainee's released according to the Geneva convention??? Now if we werent at war with a country why did Busch and Cheney spend this country broke in the name of terroism. We have had terroism since time exist'. Who were the real terroist's??? In my opinion all the inmates at gitmo should be released and Busch, Cheney and all who helped them get us into a war with lie's, should be sent to gitmo for the duration. Possible a little water boarding for Busch and Cheney to get the truth from them. djw

Anonymous said...

I agree they should be released...only problem is no country will take them now...they're too pissed off!

Anonymous said...