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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Is Montana Slowing Prison Growth?

The Department of Corrections has periodically heard urgings to place inmates in the Two Rivers Detention Center in Hardin, a facility built on speculation its cells would be needed.

The answer then is the same as it is now: We do not have the need.

Recent news stories about the Department of Corrections Advisory Council launched a new chorus of calls to put inmates in Two Rivers.

Two Rivers officials have repeatedly indicated an immediate need for a large number of inmates in order to open and operate their facility. We do not have an immediate need for cells to house a large number of inmates.

Slowing inmate growth

In 2007, Montana led the nation with a 3.9 percent decline in its prison population. Today, Montana's corrections system is experiencing the slowest growth in its prison population in nearly 20 years, thanks in large part to a series of innovative and effective treatment programs and other services offering alternatives to prison. Gov. Brian Schweitzer consistently has placed an emphasis on these methods for diverting offenders who are best served in other programs. In the juvenile system, our two secure facilities are operating about half of their capacity due to innovative re-entry programs for youth.

These results are not by accident. They reflect strong guidance from the governor and hard work on the part of Montana's corrections professionals.

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