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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Freedom To Yell At The Police

The Denver Post


Anonymous said...

I'll say! I'll scream. Despotism must not be permitted to continue as it does today. Respect should work both ways. The apathy of the people is more alarming than the childish actions of the law. If all of the (sincere) people were to actually DO something about the tyranny and disregarding of civil rights, America would not be the joke-country it deserves to be.

Speak up and get actively involved in progressive criminal/judicial reform. Otherwise, what is your purpose for reading these articles?

Anonymous said...

What you say is true. Were all guilty of procrastinating. We all need to get behind an organization who will actively do something. We as individuals can only speak out. Usually for doing so were labeled as trouble makers. Well i have been trying to speak out as an individual in suport of a complete overhaul of the criminal justice system. I strongly support Senator Webbs efforts and all the rest of you need to as well. I ask you all to step up and express yourself in this forum and join an organization that is actively working for major overhaul. djw

Anonymous said...

djw. I know you are very passionate about judicial reform. There are many readers. The percentage of commentators are pathetic. It's imperative to belong to groups dedicated to helping inmates in society. Too many of them are victims of tyrannical prosecutors and judges. As I've said before, these egomaniacal professions lack conscience and Souls. They aren't in it for the justice, they are in it for themselves. Excessive sentencing; wrongful convictions. This is a polite forum. I can only suggest what they must feel with every pornographic destruction of each life they put so VERY happily in prison. Sick and evil. Only a very few are truly honorable. (It must be very difficult for the ones dedicated to healing the human condition!)

Thanks for all of your efforts, djw! Your involvement does not go unnoticed!

Anonymous said...

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