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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Travis Henry Gets Three Years Federal For Drugs


Ex-NFL player gets 3 years in cocaine case

BILLINGS, Mont. — A federal judge Wednesday sentenced former NFL player Travis Henry to three years in prison for financing a drug ring that moved cocaine between Colorado and Montana.

Henry, 30, of Frostproof, Fla., was arrested by federal drug agents last October — just a few months after the running back’s release from the Denver Broncos.

He pleaded guilty in April to a single count of conspiracy to traffic cocaine. In handing down Wednesday’s sentence, U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull in Billings also gave Henry five years of probation and recommended he enter a 500-hour drug treatment program.

Completion of the treatment program could knock off up to a year from Henry’s sentence. His attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said that with additional time off for good behavior Henry could be out of prison within 16 months.

Henry has said that at the time of his arrest, he was struggling to keep up with child support payments after fathering at least nine children with nine women. But Cebull said it was Henry’s addiction to marijuana that destroyed the his career and ultimately landed him in federal court.

“This is a unique case in that you’re a unique individual. You’re a heck of a football player,” Cebull said. “You are not unique in this sense: your drug habit.”


elena said...

If he wasn't a Football star he would have gotten tons more time.
Prisons are for the poor.

Anonymous said...

Judge Cebull gave the wrong sentence to this football player. He should have sentenced him to work and pay for the nine kids he fathered.djw

Anonymous said...

Worse than the fact that he received a much shorter sentence than others convicted of similar crimes(plus the opportunity to decrease that by an additional year), he will be doing Federal time which is cush time. It's like the Hilton of prison.
If he has enough money to pay for Harvey Steinburg, he has enough money to support his 9 children. Why isn't the Dept of Human Services taking his money for support? They would from you or me. I'd say put him in a state prison (real prison) until his child support is covered. He no doubt has money ratholed that would definitely appear if it were keeping him incarcerated.