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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Intense Combat Tied To Homicides In Ft. Carson

The Denver Post

Fort Carson soldiers charged with or convicted in homicides upon returning from Iraq had experienced intensive combat, several claiming they had witnessed war crimes, according to an Army report released Wednesday.

Many were plagued by pre-existing problems, and the combination contributed to a series of crimes when they returned, including the killing of a soldier's infant daughter and the slaying of two people with an AK-47.

A broader investigation of Fort Carson soldiers returning from Iraq found regular use of drugs and alcohol to "self-medicate," a growing number of waivers allowing troubled personalities into the ranks, and an unwillingness to use programs meant to help soldiers cope because of the stigma attached.


Anonymous said...

My entire life, I could never make the connection between 'legal' (war) killing and murder on home soil. The double standards are more than chilling. Not only is it a contradiction, it's hypocrisy. It is totally unacceptable to proclaim that innocent lives are a necessary evil when it comes to war. War is literal abortion of life. It is devastating to many of these men and women in uniform who must face a so-called 'civilized' country upon return from the killing fields and cities of a war-torn country. It's invasion. How do we justify what is heroic killing and felony murder? For those who believe in God or have any measure of Spirituality, the answer is clear. There is no difference.

Just as the 'justice' system in the U.S. incarcerates people, including children, for 'crimes' that could be resolved through educational reform, so could war be resolved through communication and diplomacy. Sure. There will always be a certain element of trouble makers. They are in the minority. Most people, regardless of nationality, want peace and harmony; that is, unless they have a lust for violence in their characters. Once again, the minority fit that category.

Having been associated with the military all of my life, I know that many conflicts are actually staged and created by infiltrating 'trouble makers' in disguise, therefore elevating the emotions and anger of a nation. This is fact. Hence, a 'reason' (excuse) for military action. What is the ultimatum for invasion and war? Money. Military Industrial Complex. The ones who refuse to (at the very least) view this comment as a possibility choose to remain in denial. The best way to get the people to rally behind their government (any government) is to fire up the patriotism. The elite profit from the diabolical deceit. Whether it is a dictatorship or democracy. Either way, it tends to be dictating.

Since CCJRC is a criminal justice organization, the correlation between war (heroes) and felony murder (criminals) is fitting. It is very, very revealing to note how a country treats its own citizens. On a basic level, the U.S. incarcerates more of its own people than any other country on Earth. This should be more than a clue for those who have blind faith in what the politicians spoon-feed the people.

Heinous crimes aside (minority), why does the United States stomp on the U.S. Constitution and disregard individual rights in order to profit from frivolous sentencings --- or wrongful convictions? It's the money, folks. The rich get richer. Meanwhile, unsuspecting men and women in uniform are used and demonized just as the DOC applies deceitful practices to fill their bed spaces.

It's very difficult to fathom, but it's necessary to realize.

Anonymous said...

I agree, There is a doctoral thesis out there somewhere that explains why our culture as it exists now will not survive. Lets hope this administration will begin to lead us into a place where we will survive as a society.

Anonymous said...

I also agree, however if this country doesnt return to constituional law its going to self destruct. djw