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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cops break up under-age drinkers at home of Grand Junction DA - The Denver Post

Cops break up under-age drinkers at home of Grand Junction DA - The Denver Post

Some 26 teens between the ages of 14 and 18 were cited early Sunday for underage drinking at the Grand Junction home of district attorney Pete Hautzinger.

According to reports by officers who went to the home early Sunday morning, they were sent on a report of juveniles having a party and drinking alcohol. Once inside the home the officers said they contacted approximately 35 people from ages 14 to 18.

"Many were obviously intoxicated," said the police report.

Hautzinger, who left for a Mexican vacation Saturday morning, said by phone today he told his two sons - ages 16 and 17 - they could have a couple friends over to play video games.

"They were told they were not spending the night at the home, and there was to be no booze," said Hautzinger, the district attorney for the 21st Judicial District. "They expanded the parameters quite a bit."

"We are appalled and dismayed," Hautzinger added. "We have two really good kids who we generally think the world of."

Hautzinger said the two boys, a junior and a senior at Fruita Monument High School, were supposed to spend the week with either their grandparents or Hautzinger's ex-wife.

When he found out that Grand Junction police had been called to his home and the cops found 33 teens - seven of whom weren't cited - Hautzinger said he had "multiple" heart-to-heart telephone conversations with his two boys and decided he didn't need to return.

"We are pretty confident that it won't happen again," said Hautzinger.

His sons told him a few friends showed up, and the number swelled to the point things got out of control.

Hautzinger said he understood that the beer that was consumed was brought by some of the kids who arrived at the home later in the evening.

"My wife and I would like to thank the neighbors or whoever called the police," he said. "If they hadn't, we might never have known."

The cases will be handled by city prosecutors in Grand Junction's municipal court.

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