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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denver cop and robber reconciles his troubled past - The Denver Post

Denver cop and robber reconciles his troubled past - The Denver Post

Months after Art Winstanley hammered out a cathartic, self-published account of his descent into crime, scandal, alcoholism and prison, the venture still finds him hundreds of dollars in the hole.

But the writing process, spread over three years and nearly 300 pages, had one definite payoff: It helped him reconcile a troubled past and his place in local history.

In 1960, Winstanley became the first domino to fall in what stood then as the biggest and most public case of police corruption in the nation.

More than 50 area law enforcement figures — nearly all of them Denver police officers — were swept up in a burglary ring in which cops cracked safes and made off with an estimated $250,000 from more than

200 heists involving businesses on their beats. More than 40 did time. The ring operated for at least a decade, insulated by police prerogative and a code of silence.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Reading and hearing about all the police corruption gives me chills. How are we to trust a cop. How does a cop or corrupt DA's supposed to make us feel safe.
I do know the legislature has to do away with immunity for cops and all state officials caught doing illegal things. A big one is DA's making false charges and falsely convicting people.