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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ACLU sues Denver Police to open records - The Denver Post

ACLU sues Denver Police to open records - The Denver Post

The Colorado office of the American Civil Liberties Union today filed suit against the Denver Police Department over access to records in a police profiling claim.

The ACLU is representing Ashford Wortham and Cornelius Campbell, both African-Americans, who were stopped in February 2009, searched and then issued a minor traffic ticket that was later tossed out.

Wortham and Campbell allege they were stopped for no reason and "taunted with racial epithets and other verbal abuse" before being ticketed.

According to the ACLU, an internal investigation by the police department found no substantiation for the profiling claim, but Denver County Judge Aleene Ortiz-White sided with Wortham and Cornelius in dismissing the traffic charges.

The ACLU's suit seeks access to the Internal Affairs investigation file, which police have refused to release citing the officers' right to privacy.

The ACLU noted it has sued Denver police six times in recent years, and in each case the records were later released.

"When it comes to violating the open records laws, the Denver Police Department is a habitual offender," ACLU legal director Mark Silverstein said in a statement.

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Anonymous said...

Again were back to common sense. The police are paid by public funds and anything they do should be public record. This right to privacy applys to cops when there off duty.