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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Repeal impound law, say 2 on council - The Denver Post

Repeal impound law, say 2 on council - The Denver Post
A vehicle impound law for unlicensed drivers should be repealed because it is clogging the city's impound lot, two Denver council members say.

Council members Paul Lopez and Doug Linkhart say Initiative 100 has ended up becoming a bureaucratic nightmare for the city — and for those whose cars get towed under the new law. The two opposed the initiative when it was on the ballot in 2008.

"The problem is that the ordinance doesn't pay for itself," Lopez said. "It's costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars just to implement, and fewer cars are getting towed to the impound lot that ends up being over capacity."

Supporters point out that the law charges drivers a land acquisition fee in order to create another impound lot, and a city budget analysis shows that doing so would boost revenues.

Lopez is working with the city attorney's office on drafting a repeal to the measure. The council can repeal or make revisions six months after voters approve an initiative.

Proposal expected next week

On Wednesday, Lopez plans to bring a proposal to the council's safety committee, which will be chaired by Linkhart.

The move angers the initiative's supporters, who say Denver officials are too lenient on unlicensed driving.

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_14816384#ixzz0k8kP1ekS

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why are we wanting to give law breakers more ways out. The problem we have here in Colorado, is that people without licenses and with revokations know that nothing is going to happen to them, so they continue to break the law. If you are going to be so easy on these people, why not stop making the rest of us obey the law. I am so tired of laws that are only there for the people who follow them. I know of this young lady who continues to drive without a license and always please mental illness and gets out of tickets. Stop this bull_ _ _ _ now.