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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1 Denver police officer fired, 2 suspended - The Denver Post

1 Denver police officer fired, 2 suspended - The Denver Post

Denver Manager of Safety Charles Garcia has fired one officer who was found in contempt of court and suspended without pay two officers involved in secretly videotaping a supervisor.

Garcia's orders are dated May 24 and 25. He dismissed Det. Kenneth Briggle, who was found in contempt in relation to his divorce proceedings.

David Bruno, a lawyer for the Denver Police Protective Association, wouldn't comment on Briggle's dismissal.

Garcia suspended Sgt. Bryan O'Neill for 30 days for failure to obey departmental rules in two rule categories, to be served concurrently.

O'Neil surreptitiously filmed Cmdr. John Burbach, the head of police internal affairs, in an effort to expose what he believed was bias against his officers.

Garcia also suspended Lt. Daren Ciempa for 40 days for conduct prejudicial and 40 days for failure to obey department rules.

Ciempa reportedly approved of the use of a video recorder disguised as a pocket pen in the effort.

"I don't believe they are justified," Bruno said of the suspensions. "From the perspective of both officers, what they were doing is justified by the operations manual."

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