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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Teen Hunter Feeds Homesless

The folks down at the Resuce Mission are going to be eating pretty well....
Tyler Babkiewich has been bird hunting with his father and older brother since he was a very young boy. The unwritten rule in their family has always been "you shoot it, you eat it".

This has posed a problem for Tyler because despite his extreme love of waterfowl hunting his family's ability to consume all this food has not increased over the years.

This year the land his family leases to hunt has produced an exceptionally large number of goose, duck and pheasant; shooting one's daily limit is a common occurrence. In years past all the local charities and churches the family contacted were unable to accept any extra game bird donations due to their regulations.

This year Tyler decided that all this extra food was certainly needed by many and there had to be some way to help the hungry while continuing his passion for hunting.

After numerous phone calls and messages left at various places throughout the community he found The Denver Rescue Mission happy to accept the meat.

They have several locations in the Denver area and all they ask is that the meat be delivered packaged and frozen between the hours of 8 a.m.-8 p.m. If you have any questions or if Tyler can be of any assistance, you can reach him at 303-278-9760.

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