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Friday, October 16, 2009

Prison Cuts Possible Elsewhere

The Denver Post


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great article and it makes it easy for Governor Ritter to put cuts in DOC personel. Specially those who have been busy sidetracking his early release program. As for the polticians who spout off with public safety scare tactics, I want to remind them all, that had Ritters plan of just releasing, NON VIOLENT INMATES, they, (DOC) could have 3000 out the door already. They have thousands of MINIMUM SECURITY people locked up. djw

Anonymous said...

It is all about money and power. Turn them loose give them a chance to pay monies as workers and family members. The families with prisoners are paying the monies and the driving and the dues. Yes, because they have made poor choices and they are still loved by family. Pull out some files get case workers to work instead of sitting and collecting their wages. Lets hold all people in correctional system responsible not just inmates.

Anonymous said...

10 flipping people in a month and a half, and then the ones they releasesd look as they were going to be walking out the door within the month anyway and there was nothing anyone could do to stop that (so it matters not what their histories or their crimes). Does anyone believe that if you release an inmate 16 or 22 days sooner than they would have mandatorily been released is going to dractically increase their prospects for reoffending or becoming a threat to society?
Once again, Ritter talks the talk, but he's not walking the walk. This rate of release and rate of refusals for release is not what he publicized, but then his publicized (supposed) intentions on pretty much everything to do with Colorado prisons has been empty talk. He doesn't actually DO jack squat (just talk and promise).
With the early on preformance of his messed up system, we should save $10-20 in taxpayer expenses over the next 2 years (not $19 million - or whatever).