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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buck Revisits Brodericks Testimony In Masters Case

The Denver Post
Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck has decided to reopen a criminal investigation into whether Fort Collins police Detective Jim Broderick lied about his role in the 1989 surveillance of Tim Masters.

Citing new "information" emerging in proceedings tied to Masters' civil-rights lawsuit against Broderick and the prosecutors behind Masters' murder conviction, Buck filed a motion in Larimer County District Court on Tuesday asking the chief judge to reappoint him as special prosecutor to investigate possible perjury.

Last year, Buck cleared Broderick of allegations that he lied when testifying in Masters' 1998 trial that he had no involvement in investigating Masters between mid-1987 and 1992 for Peggy Hettrick's murder.
But in recent months, Broderick has disclosed e-mails and notes to Masters' civil attorney, David Lane, showing he planned a 1989 stakeout operation of Masters, then 17 years old, coordinating radio communications and observation spots around his south Fort Collins home, among other details.
In his court filing, Buck said he didn't have access to that documentation during his initial inquiry, prompting his decision to re-examine whether a crime was committed.

"The interests of justice would best be served by the appointment of a special prosecutor to conduct this additional investigation," the motion states.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After reading this article i draw the conclusion there is only ONE COMPETANT ATTORNEY in all of Colorado, David Lane.
In all these years on this masters case, it took Mr. Lane to show all the rest that they were all overlooking some key facts about innocence or guilt. Congrats again Mr. Lane. djw