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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Club Fed No More

Here's a great article (h/t to Doug Berman)

It was in the American and it outlines the prison stay of a white collar criminal. It's a story of a man's stay in a minimum security camp and outlines the differences between the Club Fed of the old days and new federal prison system now. It's a very long article so give yourself some time, but take the time because it is good.

I. Just Another Felon

Alfred A. Porro Jr. came to Allenwood in a large transport bus guarded by a handful of armed correc­tions officers. Like the five other prisoners on board, he arrived in full shackles. As the bus rumbled to a stop, the officers escorted the new inmates off the vehicle and turned them over to their keepers.

Porro disembarked with relief. Over the past two days, he had been whisked from one prison to another—no one would tell him where he was headed. Now, at least, Porro knew he would be serv­ing his time at a minimum-security prison camp. Good news, he thought. And the grounds, Porro had to admit, were less than intimidating. With sweeping grasslands and thickets of trees, the camp presented none of the chilling images that the term “prison” calls to mind. No fences, no coiled razor wire, no sharpshooters on towers. It might as well have been a college campus.

The American

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