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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hudson Voters Okay Prison

The important thing to note is that Cornell wants build a 832 bed women's prison, when we can't possibly fill it for years. Does Hudson actually think that Cornell is just going to let that prison sit empty? We also know that Cornell just bought the women's prison in Brush, and it's not full either. You have to wonder where all of these prisoners are going to come from. Importation? Or, are they just going to turn it into a men's prison after it gets built.

One struggling Weld County town may get an economic boost thanks to a women's prison, while another community is canceling plans to bring in a similar facility.

Voters in Hudson - home to about 1,200 people about 30 miles northeast of Denver - decided Tuesday night to rezone about 320 acres northwest of town for a women's lockup. Plans call for an 832-bed facility.

The annexation and rezoning proposal passed 135-63, a good turnout for the town, which has 629 registered voters. "It was one of the best turnouts in a long time," Town Clerk Judy Larson said.

Proponents said the prison - to be run by Houston-based Cornell Cos. - would pump $27.5 million into a town with dirt roads and a tiny local economy.

Opponents said the projections were overblown and the prison would ruin the town's down-home image. A majority of residents, however, thought otherwise, Mayor Neal Pontius said.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Department of Corrections has rescinded its offer to build a 1500 bed prison in Ault.

The Denver Post

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