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Saturday, May 26, 2007

NY - Drug Dealer Registry

A senator in New York is pushing for a registry for convicted drug dealers. Much like a sex offender registry program. This is just too much. Why just drug dealers, why not embezzelers and drunk drivers? At this rate people who have committed a crime will eventually just have their own yellow pages.

....ALBANY - First a sex-offender registry. Now one for drug dealers?
A Southern Tier senator said yesterday that he would introduce a bill to create a
statewide roll call for convicted felony drug dealers. Similar to the one for
sex offenders, convicts would have to registe with the state for up to 10 years,
notifying the Department of Criminal Justice Services of any address changes,
and the list would be available on the Internet.
"I think it would be one of
those extra deterrents and I think it would clearly be effective," said Sen.
George Winner, R-Elmira. "Drug dealers are not out there wanting to advertise
their location. And it would make neighbors and others aware and very vigilant
of their activities."
The Republican said that similar legislation has been
proposed in Maine and New Mexico. Also, he noted that the federal Drug
Enforcement Agency recently launched a "Meth Site Registry" that posts locations
in each state where methamphetamine clandestine labs or dumpsites have been
Winner got the idea from Police Chief David Rouse of Bath, in Steuben
"Absent of a drug-dealer registry, drug dealers can conceal their
identities and criminal pasts, moving undetected from one jurisdiction to
another while continuing their illicit trade," Rouse said in a statement. "When
encountered by law enforcement they provide bogus identification and their true
identifies are not known until they are subsequently arrested and
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