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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Strained Relations in Aurora

There will be a discussion with Mayor Hickenlooper tonight in the Cole-Whittier neighborhood about the use of Broken Windows policing tactics. Panelists include Christie Donner from CCJRC.

Aurora - Residents upset over what they see as racial profiling and harassment spoke out Monday night at a forum designed to improve relations between police and the community.

"Unfortunately, a few (bad officers) make the whole spectrum look bad," said resident Myron Wilson. She was one of more than 40 residents who attended the start of three days of forums Monday at the New Beginnings Cathedral of Worship.

The Rev. Larry Brown said he was on his way to the forum when he saw a black man sitting on a curb surrounded by at least five police cars.

"You talk about something that is embarrassing, intimidating," Brown said. "It's definitely a strained relationship."

Police, however, said their actions are sometimes misunderstood.

"People nowadays do not want to accept responsibility for their actions," said Officer Tony Cancino, adding that he judges people by how they respond to him. "It's not because of the color of their skin."

But residents called certain police actions unfair.

Connie Wint said her son got in trouble after staying late at school one day. On his way home, six police cars surrounded him because, she said police told her, "he fit the description" of a robbery suspect.

"He's a young man who had never been in trouble, the student body president," Wint said. "Since that time, he's been traumatized."

The Denver Post

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